Sayenchi Puppy Package


As part of our commitment to our pups, to ensure they leave us for their new homes in the best possibly way, we make sure that ALL pups are at least 10 weeks of age, are wormed at 2,5,8 and 10 weeks using Panacur wormer, are flea bathed (as a preventative), microchipped, they come with 5 weeks free KC insurance and are vaccinated with both vaccines which include protection against Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza unless otherwise stated before the sale concludes. We do NOT vaccinate agains Leptospirosis.


As well as all this, we also provide your new fur baby with a comprehensive puppy pack including the following:

Puppy Starter Pack...


We feel that it is only right that our little babies leave here with a few "Goodbye" presents.

These include a pet carrier, a hand crafted comfort blanket with mothers & siblings scent on it, a variety of edible goodies and munchies, a selection of fabulous puppy toys (these may vary from the ones in the picture), a grooming brush, a bone shaped poop bag holder and bags, delicious training treats and more.

Puppy Information Pack...


As well as all of the fantastic items above, we at Sayenchi provide you and your new furry friend with a puppy information pack which includes:


  • A copy of your unique Puppy Sales Contract.

  • Care sheets designed by us at Sayenchi on several important topics we think you need to know about as a new parent of one of our pups.

  • Information and advice leaflets.

  • Vet leaflet including contact details for the vets that have cared for your puppy since birth*.

  • Puppy guide books.

    and most importantly your puppies vaccination card, vet check information log and microchip details*.
    *Unless otherwise stated.

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Dog Food Starter Kit...


As a supplier of our own dog food, we kindly supply all of our pups with a brilliant starter kit including a 2kg bag of small kibble dog food, sample packs of the different dog treats that are available and we suggest, a feeding information guide for your puppy and more.